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Eric Londesbrough

Eric Londesbrough

I do not like the term expert as there is always more to learn on any subject. However I have researched the New Hudson Company and its motor cycles and autocycles for over thirty years, and am the long standing Marque Specialist for VMCC Ltd..

I have probably accumulated more knowledge and information about New Hudson than is likely to be easily found elsewhere. I also have a large library of New Hudson literature and I maintain a register of over three hundred New Hudson machines and their world wide owners.

My book "New Hudson - The History of a Motor Cycle Company" was published in 1999 and though out of print, it is now available as a CD, readable on almost any computer. Fortunately so far it has not proved to need any revision and has proved to be widely used as a reference work on New Hudson.

I live in North Yorkshire, England, not far from Darlington. I am a retired teacher and Justice of the Peace and have been passionately interested in Old Motor Cycles for more years than I care to remember. Over the years I have acquired a variety of makes in poor condition and restored them.

When I found my first New Hudson there was little information available and my research was initially to enable me to restore it. This soon became a life time interest involving travel to many libraries, museums, and archives, and contacting and sometimes meeting with long retired employees of the company. I was lucky enough to meet with a member of the Patterson family (the original owners of the Company) and to have contact with others.

Much help came from Reg Taylor, Bert Le Vack's racing mechanic, the great rider Tommy Bullus, and the Langton family. I was appointed Marque Specialist for VMCC, and having published my book which has become widely known, I seem to have been accepted as something of a world wide authority on New Hudson. I do my very best to live up to this reputation and spend a great deal of my time helping New Hudson owners.

My interests go beyond motor cycles and I love steam engines, both model and full size, almost as much. The picture above shows me in the drivers seat of Tornado the newly built A1 Pacific at Edinburgh Waverley Station. (Click the image to enlarge)

You can contact me for help, advice or simply to chat about the subject via the Contact Me page.