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Below you will find news items with New Hudson relevance and information about future events that will feature New Hudson motor cycles. It is planned for this section to be a little more dynamic than some other parts of this site, so you can pop back from time to time to find the latest news, or information on new and up & coming events.


The Inaugural Derek Ashworth Celebration Run

Sunday 1 October 2017

With unavoidably short notice, this will set out from the Farmers' Arms, Chorley Road, Bispham Green Parbold L40 3SL  on Sunday 1 October 2017. Meet at 10am, which is when the pub will open for breakfast, coffee, butties etc., etc., and aim to ride out before 11am.
This is a non-denominational event - it is not affiliated to any Club or Group, but is open to and welcomes any friend of Derek. Since Derek's enthusiasm was mainly directed at Autocycles, we want as many of these as you can bring! If you've got one, - bring it. Ride it if you can. Just let it see the light of day! 
The ride will be about 35 miles in total, heading for Frederick's Ice Cream Parlour on Bolton Road, Chorley PR7 4AL where we shall stop for a Raspberry Ripple/Rum and Raisin combo since that was Derek's favourite.
Suitable refreshed we will ride to Rivington Top Barn BL6 7SP to amaze and parade in front of the throngs of bikers who congregate there every Sunday. Further food and drink will be available at Rivington. But more importantly, there are prizes!
Derek's Daughters are offering a trophy for the Best Autocycle, in Derek's memory, a Shield for the best Machine with Engine and Pedals is also to be presented, again in Derek's memory since he was always keen on the traditional definition of Moped. These will be voted for by riders, and spectators at Rivington, and will be presented at the end of the Run. Which will be back at the Farmers' Arms after an easy downhill ride in bright sunshine and with a following wind. We're aiming to get there in time for a late lunch, if anyone wants one, and if things go smoothly! See for the lunch menu. Sunday Roast is also available. Whilst Autocycles will be the theme, it's more important that you just turn up, ride, and enjoy the company - so don't miss it!
Derek loved his Autocycles and was the NACC New Hudson Autocycle specialist. He is the one on the right foreground of the photo taken in June this year, on his last ride:
Derek Ashworth

Added: 18th Sep 2017.

Knee Pads for 1931/2 Models

Great news. A batch of Knee Pads for all 1931/2 Models is being made during 2016. Date of availability and price are not yet known. See for sale section for more details and the gallery for a picture.

Added: 1st Mar 2016.


As a number of advertisers forget to tell me when an advert is no longer needed I have decided to remove all adverts when they have been on the site for 18 months. If your advert is nearly at that stage but still required just inform me and I will be quite happy to keep it on.

Added: 7th Feb 2016.



I have posted news warnings on a number of occasions about dishonest people replying to adverts for parts. Recently another attempt was made by a person overseas claiming to have required parts but not able to send photographs. A considerable amount of money was requested for the parts and shipping. The advertiser was of the opinion that it was unlikely that this was a genuine offer and I totally agreed. No money was sent. Please be very wary of offers which seem to be too good to be true as they often are. The adverts I post for items for sale have been vetted to the best of my ability and are usually posted by genuine people but do make sure the items are what you need and that they are fit for purpose. It is always best to view the items if they are within travelling distance and if not ask for good clear photographs.

Added: 7th Feb 2016.

Autocycle Rims

With more and more autocycles being restored there is a need for replacement wheel rims. If anyone has any of these or knows of a source of new ones please let me know.

Added: 31st Aug 2015.

Spokes for Autocycles

Can any owner of a 1950's New Hudson Autocycle provide the measurements of the wheel spokes. The parts book only list them as long and short. It would greatly help an owner whose machines is totally spokeless

Added: 14th Jul 2015.

Beware of Scams


Another  advertiser for parts on the site has been approached with an offer of  what he wants. Fortunately he was wise enough to doubt this offer which proved on investigation to be fraudulent.

Do be very careful and certainly ask for pictures of the individual parts. Do not part with any money until you are totally convinced the offer is genuine 

Added: 8th Mar 2015.


I have a moulding box for the cast aluminium silencers used on some early 1920's New Hudson's but unfortunately no castings are left.


Added: 7th Feb 2016.


Owners of New Hudson Autocycles with worn cups and cones are asking for sources of replacement parts. These are proving very difficult to find. If anyone has found a way of solving this problem or any source of replacements or alternative parts please contact me.

Added: 22nd May 2014.

Cups and Cones

An owner of a 1957 New Hudson Autocycle is in need of cups and cones for both wheel spindles. Has anyone got any spare ones or know of a source of suitable parts.

Added: 11th Mar 2013.

Autocycle Parts.

Can any owner supply me with a dimensioned sketch of the rear chain adjusters used on the autocycle. A spare pair would be a great help to one owner.

Paper patterns of the engine cowlings on pre 1956 autocycles and 1956-7 models would be extremely helpful as these are missing on quite a lot of autocycles. Lucky owners of complete machines please contact me to help. Eric.

Added: 17th Aug 2012.

Gear box Speedo Drive

My friend in New Zealand has now kindly supplied an extra photograph  showing the top of the box with the connection for the speedo drive outer which is 1/2 inch diameter. I have added this picture to the gallery.He has also supplied the following measurements. The drive wheel is 1. 13/16 inch dia, 1/4 inch wide and has 20teeth. Horizontal worm is 3/4 inch dia by 5/8 inch, Vertical worm 5/8 dia by 3/8. Shafts are 1/2 inch dia.

Added: 11th Jul 2012.

Postage costs

Postage Costs. Due to considerable increases in postage charges I  have had to increase  the prices for the CD of my book by 30p for UK, 50p for Europe, and 70p world wide.  

Added: 14th Jun 2012.

Rear Stand Clips

Will suit many machines. See spare parts for details. Only two left.

Added: 19th Nov 2011.

New Hudson Works

The New Hudson factory in Icknield street is currently being redeveloped. A gentleman has very kindly sent some pictures which can be found in the Gallery

Added: 12th Sep 2011.

New Hudson Factory

I understand that the long projected redevelopment of the old New Hudson factory in Icknield Street Birmingham is now taking place. I hope that something of the old factory will remain and that its great history as a  manufacturing place of fine motor cycles and bicycles will be recorded in some way and not just that in later years kettles were made there by Swan. 

Added: 24th Jun 2011.

New Bike Tracing Service

As many New Hudson owners have come to find this site since it started in 2009, I have subsequently been asked if I can assist with a new Bike Tracing service. I am happy to put up the details of machines that people would like to locate. If you have a machine you would like to locate or can assist with the location and condition of any listed machine, please refer to the Services page for more information.

Added: 7 April 2010.

Factory Redevelopment

I was informed (Dec 2009) by a New Hudson owner that the old New Hudson factory in Icknield Street, Birmingham is to be redeveloped. An article in a small local newspaper had claimed that it was always a Kettle Works. Of course the building was used by Swan Kettles for many years after New Hudson left in 1933. The article even suggested that Swan Kettles built the factory originally.

My informant was able to give me the name of the editor of the paper and I have sent information about New Hudson. Also I have been able to contact the developer and explained the historic significance of the building. He was so interested that he immediately purchased one of my CD's to find out all about New Hudson. He was particularly fascinated to see the New Hudson badge was part of the Coat of Arms of the City of Birmingham. I am hoping that when the development takes place, some memorial to the manufacture of great motor cycles will remain.

Added: 17 Dec 2009.


I will post information about any events, rallies or such-like with a New Hudson interest in this section, as and when they come to my attention.

If you have any news or event information which may be of interest to visitors of this site, please get in touch with me with the details and I will consider your item for inclusion. Thank you.