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Spare Parts: Wants / For Sale

Spare parts for New Hudsons are few and far between these days, but I keep a list of some spares that I know to be available. You can advertise parts you have for sale/exchange and also parts you require below. Please use the Contact Me page to request an addition to either list below. You need to be on the register to make use of this service.

Parts For Sale or Exchange:

Part descriptionModelPrice Seller (Location)

Rear stand clips. suitable for many models. Two only are left
Click here for photograph.


Bruce. Tel.  01902 884224 or  07794 384693

Part frame, forks, petrol tank for 1929 250cc side valve

Model 80


Gavin. Email

1951 Autocycle with Villiers 98cc 2F engine.

A virtually complete New Hudson Autocycle needing restoration. Situated in Berkshire, and a photograph is available by Email.


Ian  Tel.07505229201 or Email.

1932 500cc Ohv Model 3 New Hudson. A retoration has been started and all are parts are present. New exhaust system has been made and needs chrome plating. Other parts have been plated. The machine is in Holland. Owner selling due to age and ill health.

1932 Model 3 PICTURE in GALLERY owner can send more pictures


contact Marinus Tromp EMail

1931 350cc ohv New Hudson in good condition. Photograph in gallery



contact Brian Tel 01209842461

Knee Pads. A batch is being made this year but when they will be available is not yet known or the price. 

All 1931/2 Models.  Picture in gallery

not yet known

contact Keith Email address

For sale Situated in Austria.

1928 Model 85. 350cc ohv New Hudson in very nice condition. See picture in the Gallery.

The owner can send many pictures.


contact Thomas by Email

 New Hudson Autocycle. Probably 1945. Picture in the Gallery. Situated in the Scottish Borders.

Early Model with Villiers 98cc JDL engine


contact Tam. Mobile 07534451524

       1913 New Hudson petrol tank complete with caps, oil pump and valve.


contact Anders Jarnland in Sweden Email

!950 New Hudson Autocycle with 1955 engine. Can be seen near Shrewsbury.

Picture can be seen in the gallery.

£1200 or very near offer

Paul. Email or mob. 07742050362

Please let me know when a listed item is no longer available. Thank you.

Wanted Items:

Description of required itemWanted by

Lamplugh oil pump

Please contact me if you can help.

An Australian restoring a 1926 350cc Vitesse needs a Lamplugh pump, hubs, cams, and other parts. He has parts of later models to exchange.

Wanted for a 1953 Autocycle a pair of mudguards

David. Tel. 07825 190784 or email

Gear box wanted for 1927 500sv New Hudson.

Alastair using Email address

Wanted for 1952 Autocycle, wheels, mudguards, and Petrol tank.

Kelvin. email address

Information wanted about the drive mechanism in the gear box used to operate the tank mounted speedometer on 1928/9 models. N.B.  Photographs of the mechanism have now been received ( thanks to a good friend in New Zealand). Photographs are in the gallery and I hope to have dimensions soon.


Eric via the web site.

Clutch parts for a 1929  500cc Model 88.  The owner has a damaged clutch which before his ownership was much repaired by welding. He would like in particular the clutch centre but would be interested in a complete clutch. Photographs of the clutch are to be found in the gallery.

Richard email address

Inverted handlebar levers for New Hudson Autocycle wanted.

Rob. email address

Rear carrier and  for 1956/7 New Hudson Autocycle.

Wanted for New Hudson 1957 Model   autocycle. Twist grip, Engine cowling brackets left ,right and front, and clutch lever.

Nigel. email

Wanted urgently girder forks for 1927 New Hudson

Alastair. Email

Wanted for 1929/30 250cc New Hudson a Binks carburettor. 

Contact Tibor. mob. 07752898584 or Email

UrgentlyWanted for New Hudson Autocyle, Pedal cranks and pedal spindles to replace badly bent ones.

David at or telephone 07825190784

Wanted for 1931 500cc ohv New Hudson. footrests, centre stand, knee pads, toolbox, right hand side cowling.

Contact Pete     Email.

Wanted for 1929 New Hudson. Model86. Long hand lever gear change, (Mounts on gear box). and tool box. For 1930 New Hudson, petrol tank, oil pump for dry sump engine, hand change quadrant, and centre stand. Owner has  the following items to exchange  or part exchange for the above parts. A Moss 4 speed box for certain 1930 models ( has short kick start tube and is a rare item) Also a Moss 4speed box for 1931/32 models.

Contact Keith. Email         ( N.B. the under score between vintage and keith)

Wanted for 1950 Autocycle. chain guards, clutch lever and decompressor lever.

Contact Nick Email

Wanted for 1924-26 350cc ohv New Hudson.  A cylinder head. Plenty of New Hudson swaps available or will buy.

Paul in new Zealand.  Email

Wanted Centre stand for 1955 Autocycle.

Dave. Email. or Tel 01562 862658.

Wanted. Speedometer (tank mounted), and drive parts for a 1928 Model 86.

John (in New Zealand) Email

Autocycle wheel rims. Wanted for 1950's Autocycle two serviceable wheel rims.

Steve Tel. 07803405817

 A gentleman in Germany would like to buy a New Hudson motor cycle complete or needing restoration.  Any model from 1920 to 1930 would be of interest.

Norbert Diebels. Email Tel 0171 3708905.

Wanted for New Hudson autocycle with Villiers 2F engine an exhaust pipe nut. Part Number E3934.

David         Email

Moss gear box and clutch wanted for 1931 New Hudson.

Gernot          Email

 Wanted both chainguards for a 1952 New Hudson Autocycle.

Mike Email

Wanted for 1948 Autocycle. Centre stand, right hand chain case, pedals, petrol tank cap.

Paul. Email

Wanted  A 1920's or 1930's New Hudson as a restoration project.

Neal. Telephone  07887885624 or email

Parts wanted to complete a restoration of a 250cc Model 91E A pictureof this machine in its unrestored state can be seen in the gallery

Contact Tibor on tel.07752898584 or Email

Wanted for a 1913 New Hudson, Fork links and springs for the Druid forks.

Richard          Email

Wanted. A stand for an Autocycle fitted with a JDL engine.

Trevor  by Email or tel mobile 077907414798

Moss gear box wanted for 1931 NewHudson by an owner in India.

Wanted urgently Brake shoes for 1950's New Hudson Autocycle.

Contact Brian  Email bri.bibb@gmail .com

Wanted for a 1928 Model 81 a  350cc side valve engine and a primary chaincase. The owner has a 1931 350cc ohv engine in very good condition as a possible swap or will purchase.

Gernot Springer in Austria  by Email

Wanted for 1940 Autocycle a petrol tank cap.

Tony  mobile 07858427423  or Email

A New Hudson Autocyle suitable for restoration.

Richard Thornhill. Email  or telephone 01452 371832

Wanted for 1931 500cc. BRAKE SHOES

Frans in Netherlands by Email

Wanted for 1957 New Hudson Autocycle. A set of engine cowlings.

Contact Adam Tel 07804488835 or Email

Please let me know when you no longer need a part listed above. Thank you.